Success Stories

Forest Reserve, individual and Institutional wood Lots

Over the last 25 Month, TVRA supported individuals, institution and two forest reserves to establish 90 hectares of wood lots in two forest reserves, 80 individual wood lots and in 6 institutional woodlots (Ejomi, Wanguru, Siripi, Ocea, Ocea Nursery and Royal International schools) within Rhino camp Refugee settlement. Two youth groups were formed with 30

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Fruit Tree Growing

TVRA distributed over 40,000 fruit tree seedlings (Pawpaw, passion fruit, Guava, Citrus and bananas) to over 4,000 vulnerable Households from both refugees and Host communities in Rhino camp refugee settlement. A total of over 25,000 individuals of both the host and refugees, males and females benefited from the fruit trees. This was to complement on

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Bee Keeping

As an alternative income source TVRA is implementing a tree-based value chain through bee keeping to reduce on Deforestation and habitat loss as a result of bush burning. In so doing, TVRA under the project has identified 100 individual farmers from both refugee and Host communities to rear bees. The identified farmers were trained by

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Establishment of “We DA Best” and “Peace Da Best” Nursery groups

In the last 25 months, TVRA formed two nursery youth groups comprising 20 members both males and females consisting of refugees and host community youth. We trained the members in group dynamics and plant breeding. The Youth Group members are technically supported by Two resident TVRA staff ( Nursery trainers and Plantation supervisors) who support

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