Forest Reserve, individual and Institutional wood Lots

Over the last 25 Month, TVRA supported individuals, institution and two forest reserves to establish 90 hectares of wood lots in two forest reserves, 80 individual wood lots and in 6 institutional woodlots (Ejomi, Wanguru, Siripi, Ocea, Ocea Nursery and Royal International schools) within Rhino camp Refugee settlement. Two youth groups were formed with 30 members, each composed of adults and youth provided with basic garden tools and cover crops to support the restoration efforts in Otumbari forest reserve and Suru Central reserves under National Forest authority. This are expected to greatly increase on the forest cover within the project area. To compel the planters to adopt best management practices a contract has been signed between TVRA and the wood lot planters with the LC1 chairperson for enforcement.

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