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Empowered People Living In Safety and Dignity

Who We Are

We have over 15 full Time staff and 10+ volunteers who are well-qualified, experienced and well-grounded development workers with exceptional experience and expertise in Eco systems restoration, protection and conservation, governance and social accountability systems.

TVRA is formally registered with National Bureau of Non-Governmental organizations at Ministry of Internal Affairs of republic of Uganda. Our registration number is 5022(INDR149633616NB) while our permit number is 5424(INDP0003616NB).

program areas


— Environment & climate change adaptation

TVRA prioritizes climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies. To promote climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies for sustainable development in northern Uganda.

— Livelihood and Sustainable agriculture

TVRA is determined to make its humble contribution towards significant reduction of poverty. To improve livelihoods of refugees and vulnerable persons in northern Uganda


— Governance, accountability & rule of law

When the development arena is characterised by bad governance, lack of accountability and misrule, there will be no development. TVRA will pursue to fight this retrogression.


— Promotion of primary health care services

Primary health care services enable people to gain more control over, and improve, their own health and well-being and that of their families and communities.


— Conflict, peace building & alternative dispute resolution

Disaster occurrences cause displacement and the victims are forced to be settled in gazetted places with different behaviours and characters that without law application may further lead to more conflicts, crime and unwanted behaviours

— Contextualized

To support the provision of quality education and training services to refugees & other vulnerable persons in northern Uganda, in order for them to acquire knowledge and skills.


— Institutional strengthening

To build a strong institutional capacity of TVRA to enable it to deliver its mandate. Historians and academics have observed that organizations, like living organisms, have life cycles.

— Research, publication & training

Research, publications and training play critical role in development. As such, TVRA will raise resources to invest in research and training to enable the organization act from informed point of view

Impact Stories

Establishment of “We DA Best” and “Peace Da Best” Nursery groups

In the last 25 months, TVRA formed two nursery youth groups comprising of 20 members both males and females consisting of refugees and host community youth.

We trained the members in group dynamics and plant breeding. The Youth group members are technically supported by Two resident TVRA staff ( Nursery trainers and Plantation supervisors) who support the members at the nursery sites with the required skills to manage and develop their nurseries into viable enterprises.

School Environment Clubs

To Increase awareness on Restoration, conservation and protection of the environment, provide pupils with skills and knowledge on environmental management, to establish wood lots and orchards, five school environment club members consisting of 125 members, 25 members per each school and five environment club patrons, one from each school were formed.

Basic garden tools were given to the school environment club members to practice conservation and manage the orchards. The club members participate in commemoration of environment day.

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